Pycko Scientific Ltd

Pycko Scientific Ltd represent Eljen Technology who are one of the world leaders in the development and manufacturer of organic plastic scintillation material encompassing cast plastic and liquid scintillators as well as reflective paints, and glues. The latest development is our Li6 Loaded PSD Plastic Scintillator (EJ-270) and our Li6/ZnS Thermal Neutron detector (EJ-426). Eljen have been providing scintillators and assemblies to research and commercial customers worldwide since 1997.

In addition, we represent many suppliers of inorganic scintillators and provide a pathway for the purchase of these products.

Our customers include all the major research and nuclear organisations in the UK.

Website: www.pycko.co.uk



CAEN SpA is acknowledged as the only company in the world providing a complete range of High/Low Voltage Power Supply systems and Front-End/Data Acquisition modules which meet IEEE Standards for Nuclear and Particle Physics.

Extensive Research and Development capabilities allowed CAEN SpA to play an important long term role in this field. CAEN activities have always been at the forefront of technology, thanks to years of intensive collaborations with the most important Research Centres of the world.

CAEN products appeal to a wide range of customers including engineers, scientists and technical professionals who all trust them to achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

Strong of the experience in the physics research world CAEN instruments are today used in many advanced industrial applications. 

Website: www.caen.it

CAEN is represented in the UK by KC Scientific Ltd.


STFC Food Network+

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Food Network+ (SFN) brings together STFC researchers and facilities with research and industry in the agri-food sector. We are an interdisciplinary community working to provide a sustainable, secure supply of safe, nutritious, and affordable high-quality food using less land, with reduced inputs, and in the context of global climate change and declining natural resources.

Building on our close links with industry and policymakers, the SFN funds innovative and impactful projects that seek to make a meaningful contribution to the global food system through the application of technological and scientific expertise in robotics, AI, sensing technologies, space science and astronomy, particle/nuclear physics, and data science. We also provide support for early-career researchers in the form of funding for internships and feasibility projects, as well as a running a programme of developmental workshops.

Project examples include:

  • Use of astronomy image analysis expertise to analyse earth observation data to improve crops and grasslands
  • Learning about consumer food decision making via the Zooniverse project which has rallied over 1 million citizen scientists around the world
  • Use of STFC technology to assess fruit and vegetable ripeness and quality both in the field and in the supply chain, to check for adulteration of fruit juices, and to monitor ammonia emissions in agriculture
  • Use of STFC Facilities to understand arsenic contamination in rice plants, and to improve the microstructural architecture of snacks
  • Improving supply chain efficiency and resilience using STFC data science expertise and STFC capabilities in blockchain, Internet of Things and cryogenics


For more information contact: sfn@agrifoodinnovation.org or visit www.agrifoodinnovation.org





Key dates

Oral submission deadline:

21 February 2022

Poster submission deadline:

17 March 2022

Registration deadline:

25 March 2022

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