Invited Speakers

  • Mike Lamont, CERN, Switzerland
    Future colliders - FCC, muon collider
  • Mark Lancaster, University of Manchester, UK
    High Intensity Muon Beam Physics
  • Kimberly Palladino, University of Oxford, UK
    Direct searches for dark matter
  • Sean Paling, STFC, Boulby Lab
    Boulby Underground Laboratory: Status and plans for the UK’s deep underground science facility
  • Rhaana Starling, University of Leicester, UK
    Gamma Ray Astronomy
  • Andy Buckley, University of Glasgow, UK
    SM and Higgs at LHC
  • Josh McFayden, University of Sussex, UK
    HEPP Prize 2021: Searches for new physics in measurements of top quark production in association with W/Z/Higgs bosons
  • Jonas Rademacker, University of Bristol, UK
    Quark flavour physics
  • Sudan Paramesvaran, University of Bristol, UK
    LHC Upgrades
  • Matteo Agostini, University College London, UK
    Toward the discovery of matter creation with neutrinoless double-beta decay
  • Melissa Uchida, University of Cambridge, UK
    Neutrino: microboone + short baseline plans
  • Stefan Soldner-Rembold, University of Manchester, UK
    Neutrino Oscillations Experiments
  • Vivien Raymond, Cardiff University, UK
    Gravitational Wave results from LIGO and Virgo
  • Matthew McCullough, CERN
    BSM and dark sector across the board
  • Nikolaos Rompotis, University of Liverpool, UK
    BSM and dark sector at colliders
  • Paula Alvarez Cartelle, University of Cambridge, UK
    HEPP Prize 2020: Searches for New Physics in rare B decays
  • Chris White, Queen Mary University of London, UK
    Developments in formal theory
  • Kai Bongs, University of Birmingham, UK
    Quantum sensor technology
  • Emily Nurse, Climate Change Committee / UCL, UK
    The UK’s Net Zero strategy
  • Iacopo Vivarelli, University of Sussex, UK
    European R&D roadmaps
  • Gavin Lamb, University of Leicester, UK
    APP Prize 2021: The Structure of Relativistic Jets from Neutron Star Mergers

Key dates

Oral submission deadline:

21 February 2022

Poster submission deadline:

17 March 2022

Registration deadline:

25 March 2022

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